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Life Science and Medical Solutions



We bridge the gap between industrial life science applications & microdispensing!

Technical Application Laboratory Facilities >

Technical Application Laboratory Facilities

In compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) we offer a number of laboratory and engineering services to find the best solution to your application demands. Coordinating with you we can design and perform a wide range of analysis tests or as a foundation for a subsequent process-automation, utilizing our in-house laboratories as well as years of industry experience. Even with complex and complicated multi-part processes or “challenging“ media, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the most suitable technical solution for you.



Process Automation & Point-Of-Care Development >

Process Automation & Special Purpose Point-Of-Care Development

You want to transfer your analysis method from the laboratory to a fully automated point-of-care device?

In addition to high precision and minimal resource consumption, it should also be intuitive and easy to operate without requiring special knowledge or skills?

The VERMES Medical Equipment team will assist you. From the initial concept to the first prototype all the way to clinical trials or performance evaluation — you can rely on the long-standing and in-depth industry experience of our engineers.


Regulatory Work >

Regulatory Work

When operating on the industrial field of life sciences, compliance with legal and normative requirements is unavoidable.

All VERMES Medical Equipment products, which are developed and implemented for medical, pharmaceutical or biotechnological applications, follow the mandatory legal requirements.

We are happy to support you with regulatory questions to our products, eg, IVDD, MDD and GMP.


Sensor Development >

Sensor Development

The requirements for handling human material (e.g. blood plasma samples in point-of-care diagnostics), cost-intensive materials for the pharmaceutical industry and supersensitive samples in microbiology (e.g. iPSCs) are becoming increasingly stringent and generally aim for a minimum of necessary volumes.

Our interdisciplinary team of developers and engineers is constantly endeavoring to make fluid handling processes more precise, increasingly reliable and thus highly reproducible by designing ever more precise sensor components, measurement tools and add-ons for the VERMES Medical Equipment product portfolio.


Research Projects >

Research Projects

VERMES Medical Equipment has already been part of various national and international research and development projects in the past. The most prominent example in recent times was the participation in the pan-European H2020 project "Diachemo". The aim of this project was to develop a point-of-care diagnostic device that can quantify chemotherapeutic drugs in small body fluid samples.

VERMES took on the role of the lead-engineering partner for process automation, system integration and prototype development (in compliance with the regulatory requirements).

The VERMES Medical Equipment team will continue to expand its existing network to research, industry and health care and will promote participation in national and international research projects.

If you are looking for a competent, committed and reliable engineering partner and fluid handling specialist for your research project, do not hesitate to contact us.