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VERMES Medical Equipment, a VERMES Group business unit was founded in 2018 with the goal to develop and manufacture medical devices and analysis technologies.

With an interdisciplinary team of engineers holding years of industrial experience in various fields, such as medical engineering, biotechnology, process engineering and mechanical engineering.

VERMES Medical Equipment has already developed a range of technologies for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Leveraging the existing synergies from the microdispensing sector and equipped with its own analytical laboratory, VERMES Medical Equipment participates as the leading engineering partner in the development of in-vitro-diagnostic medical devices (IVDs) in the European consortium “DiaChemo”.

The IVDs are for oncological diagnostics to determine the concentration of certain antineoplastic drugs (cytostatics) in the patient blood and to tailor the medication to the individual pharmacokinetics of the patient based on the analysis results.